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Newborn Baby

Welcome to Bump to Bee Maternity 

Offering practical, informative & bespoke pre natal and post-natal support for your family  


Special Offers


Maternity Nurse Practitioner

FEDANT Antenatal Teacher

Paediatric Sleep Consultant

FEDANT Birth & Parent coach 

Weaning, Reflux & Breastfeeding support 

Bump to Bee Maternity was founded by Deborah Creba a qualified maternity nurse, antenatal teacher and paediatric sleep consultant with the intention of providing pre and post natal care to parents and their babies. 


Our Packages 

The maternity Package 

(In home Support)

The maternity Package 

(Remote Support)

Antenatal Classes

Full Sleep Package 

Post Partum Support

Sleeping baby

What Well Rested Parents Say

"Being first parents, we felt quite overwhelmed coming back from the hospital with our new born. Debbie made the entire thing so much easier, offering much needed support and guidance without taking over. I really struggled with breast-feeding at the start and without Debbie, I'm not sure I would have been able to continue"

"Debbie has been working with our triplets for over 1 year and we knew the moment we meet her that she not only would be good for the boys but goof for our vastly growing family. She has not only offered fantastic advice but she also was able to fit all our routines together to work better as a family" 

"I couldn't recommend her highly enough she is flexible on dates, very organised, incredibly kind and caring towards everyone in the family, Debbie has a wealth of knowledge due to her vast experience in this field. She is also a pleasure to be around whilst also giving us the space we needed as a family to cherish this time without newborn" 

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