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"From the moment we meet Debbie, it was her warm nurturing ways and bright character that immediately made us feel comfortable. She laced what was a challenging time as first time parents with vibrant sense of humour, and took charge to not only be a pillar of support for the baby, but also the mother. As we regained our energy postpartum, she recognized and handled with sensitivity my desire to learn and gain enough confidence to be independant through the beginings of my motherhood journey. She became a safe space and confidant.
Debbie's wealth of knowledge goes above and beyond that of an average maternity nurse. When she is with you, she is your teammate- she is the baby whisperer, a caretaker and navigates family dynamic with consideration and intelligence. She gently guides, without pushing, working with both the mum and the dad to understand their respective experiences and needs. She also fosters a parental dynamic that is  sustainable in the long run, to equip you with the tools you need you continue independent of her confidence. Debbie is what you need, when you need it, and she'll take care of you as well as all the tough parts so you don't have to. We recommend her for any family, particularly for first time parents, looking for a guid through the murky and opaque waters of new-born life." 

Caroline H
"Debbie arrived when archie was 2 weeks old and stayed with us for 3 weeks. When she arrived it felt like calm descended on us. Debbie is a true professional and fountain of knowledge . She is compassionate, helpful around the house (e.g. very sweet with our toddler) and east to be around. She is invaluable for breastfeeding support and for sleep at night. I couldn't recommend Debbie more highly."

 Becca Stovold
"Debbie is absolutely essential to any parent with a new-born. She’s a lifesaver and we couldn’t have done it without

She’s experienced, has a wealth of knowledge and you feel safe, relaxed & well informed with her there. She cares for both the baby(ies) and parents, making sure everyone is well looked after whilst also respecting the precious time we cherished as a new family. 

Debbie is also a lovely person, incredibly kind, thoughtful and very easy to have around. We didn’t want her to go!"

 Amelia Blank 
"As a first time mum, I don’t know how I would have gotten through this experience without Debbie. She is a fountain of knowledge and knows exactly what she’s doing in all areas. She gracefully and gradually teaches you how to do things, whilst also providing you with much needed respite and calm. She is a very warm and adaptable personality and we felt extremely comfortable to have her in our home. She was attentive to everyone’s needs in our household (including our Toy Poodle, Ginger who misses her greatly!) but as the new mum I felt like she took extra special care of me which I really needed during this time. I think unlike some people who do this sort of work, Debbie is extremely passionate about what she does and is genuinely dedicated to learning about all aspects of how to provide the very best care for a baby. This is constantly apparent as she goes about all aspects of the job. I was extremely sad to see Debbie go and I highly, highly recommend her !!" 

Charlotte Crosbie Dawson 
“Debbie was absolutely amazing at setting us on the road of new parenthood. We couldn’t have done it without her! Debbie is the kind of person you want around 24/7, she is so easy going and so amazing with her profession. She established breast feeding seamlessly and put us into a great routine. Her expertise in sleep training, breast feeding, mental health, reflux and allergies to name but a few is so impressive and so incredibly helpful. She gelled with us all instantly and was really good at reading and adapting to my emotions and needs as a new mother. Since leaving she has been incredible at checking in with us and being at the end of the phone 24/7 for advice and support; her service is truly remarkable. We feel so supported by her and are so grateful for all that she has done. We couldn’t recommend her more!”

Lauren K

"Debbie had such a wonderful and positive impact on my family, having her help me and my baby during the fourth trimester was the best decision for the four of us.

From the moment Debbie arrived she was warm, caring and supportive, to each of us. My partner and I had both been nervous about transitoning from one child to two, Debbie helped to encourage and empower both of us as parents, and particularly supporting me in my decisions as a mother. Debbie listened to my worries and helped alleviate these, and gave me the confidence that I can parent both a toddler and a newborn. She gave me many words of advice and wisdom, and I always felt vert supported by Debbie.

Debbie helped me to successfully establish breastfeeding, and also encouraged me to speak to my GP about my baby having a suspected intolerance to something in my diet (which the doctor agreed she did). Debbie attended various other doctor and hospital appointments with me and was a great sounding board during and after those visits.

She was always kind, always calm and always an incredibly capable pair of hands - I felt completely at ease entrusting Debbie to look after our baby. We can’t thank Debbie enough and recommend Debbie to every new parent who may be considering a maternity nurse."

"Debbie is truly an angle!! My daughter in law lives in another country, and was a new mother with so many questions and worries. Debbie has been absolutely brilliant, giving the most expert advice but always with tenderness and gentility. Her knowledge is absolutely mind blowing. So much has changed since we had children, but Debbie has helped fill I all those voids and has walked my daughter in law through everything, step by step, bringing her to a new place of confidence. Even though they are a thousand go miles apart, it was as if Debbie was right there holding her hand. She is one in a million and I honestly don't know how we would have coped without her calm, wise, excellent counsel.
thank you so much Debbie. You truly are a godsend."

Alexandra B
"We were delighted to return home with our baby boy and welcome Debbie a short hour later. Not only was Debbie an incredibly calming presence in the house but we frequently, and fondly, referred to her as our postnatal encyclopaedia. And in the rare instance that she doesn't know something, she knows someone who does. As every family and household are different, we found Debbie to be incredibly adaptable to how we lived, including embracing our spoilt dog and making sure the dog was familiar and comfortable ensuring safe but constant interaction with the baby. Debbie is very attentive and when required assertive, leaving nothing to chance. I am fairly certain that if it wasn't for Debbie, I would not be successfully breastfeeding today-which has proven to be a special experience. We cannot recommend Debbie enough and already have".

Rishi & Lydia 
"Debbie had been highly recommended to us as she had previously looked after babies I our extended family. She provided 24-hour support for us in 2019 when our son was 4 weeks old, and more recently in 2023 for our newborn daughter. he was an incredible help both times, we are not sue how we would have coped without her! Her experience and knowledge is vast, and she was able to support us as we adjusted to life with a newborn baby. We really appreciated that she took the time to understand our preferences ( example regarding feeding) and provided help and advice accordingly; she never once tried to enforce any practices on us. It felt like having another member of the family in our home whilst she was here, nothing was ever too much trouble and she encouraged us both to get some much needed rest. 
We are extremely grateful for all of her hep to date and will certainly keep in touch-thank you so much Debbie"

"We asked Debbie to help us with baby number two and yet again she proved herself invaluable. She was brilliant at guiding us through the transition from one to two, and she is equally brilliant with toddlers as well as babies!My son Freddie just adored her. 
I suffered again quite badly from anxiety having experienced some complications post c section and Debbie was just incredibly reassuring, she has an amazing ability t remain calm at all times. She always goes above and beyond for your family and the hardest part is always saying goodbye, I never want her to leave!"

Caroline K 
"Debbie worked with us from the 4th Nov 2021 to 4 Dec 2021 and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Here are some reasons why:
-flexible on dates. We needed to stay another night in the hospital and she accommodated that
-organised our nursery for us, including where the babies' clothes and nappies needed to go
-was kind, loving and caring to me and the baby. It helped my C-section recovery immensely
-very easy to be around. Chatty and upbeat but also disappeared off to give us space. She has a great sense of humour!
-a wealth of knowledge due to vast experience. We always felt like we had a professional to guide us through firsts like the first bath etc. and helped us figure out the baby's gas issue. Debbie always helped us figure out a solution 
-helped establish my breastfeeding. Very encouraging and I would have struggled without the support. It helped me understand my milk supply and how/when to pump 
-baked us cookies and carrot cake!
-even after Debbie left she continued to stay in touch offering phone calls to help us with issues we were facing
We were unfortunate to see Debbie go and will definitely have her back in the future with a second baby. We have already recommended her to our friends" 

"Debbie has worked with my family from the birth of my second son on September 2018 until January 2019. I had Debbie helping me when my first son was born and so I knew exactly what to expect and she did not disappoint! Debbie is warm, caring and compassionate individual who cared for us all when we were transitioning from a family of 3 to 4 which can be quite daunting.
Debbie has always been open and honest and her advice is extremely valuable to me.She has helped me to establish a routine with both my sons with what seemed very little difficulty. She keeps up to date with parenting studies and journals and approaches everything with such confidence that it puts your mind at ease. I really cannot recommend her more to any expectant mothers or families looking for help and guidance with a newborn."

"There is little Debbie can't do!She has been with us for all 3 of our children and has become more than just professional support. Her warm personality is infectious and she is brilliant with kids of all ages, she is just as attentive to the new born as she is to the new mother and will help you every way! I wouldn't have been able to have done it without her. A true blessing she is"

Sarah H
Debbie is a complete and utter gem! We were lucky to meet her and I have no doubt she will be in our lives for many months and years to come. I see her as an extended member of our family and cannot believe we have only known her for a few months. I met Debbie when my third child was just 3 weeks old. I was looking for a night nurse to help in the evenings twice a week. I knew immediately that we would get on. Her knowledge, compassion, understanding & general calm and loving demeanour all contribute to her being the very best! There was absolutely no comparison between her and others who I had interviewed. I had struggled to breast-feed my first two children - something which led to postnatal depression with my first child- and I was sacred I would struggle again and even more afraid of the consequences. Three weeks in, when I met Debbie, we were really at our wits' end and if it weren't for her I would have given up then and there or my mental state would have spiralled. I really didn't want to give up but the pain was just too excruciating. Although when it came to breastfeeding she did not pressurise at all- she wanted to help me chive what was important to m. Debbie was the only person who I had seen ( including midwives & health visitors) who recognised that my baby had a tongue tie and that both him and I were suffering from mouth & nipple thrush.... hence the pain. She was extremely pro active and efficient and it was even during the interview, we sorted out who would remove the tongue tie and the medication to go on for the thrush! I am forever indebted to her that my dream of breastfeeding without pain actually happened- and now, four months later my baby and I are such a good little team with feeding! Never. thought it would be possible. Having just had a third child,  I was also worried about the behaviour and reactions go my older two boys. Debbie provided much needed re assurance, compassion & guidance in this respect too. She also helped me look after me- with so may worthwhile & practical suggestions- all of which I still follow.
I cannot recommend Debbie enough! She is truly one of a kind - and all future employers are very fortunate to have their paths cross hers. She is completely trustworthy, very kind & reliable and has unending empathy, love and care" 

"I have been fortunate to have Debbie help me when both my kids were born. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, Debbie was the next person to know after I told my husband- I needed to make sure she was available! I honestly do not think I would've gotten through the first five weeks without her. not only did she help settle my toddler with the new baby and help with challenging night feeds, but she also became part of the family and helped me open up about my own anxiety and insecurities. Her wisdom and patience in the early weeks was invaluable as she helped to set up a routine of sorts for both the kids, putting my husband and I at total ease. The best part is after the 5 weeks, Debbie will still check in and I can ask her anything! I will forever be grateful for Debbie and her grandchildren FaceTiming my toddler and I couldn't recommend her enough" 

Jeremy R
"Debbie was with us as a maternity nurse 3/2/3 days each week respectively for 3 weeks when our son was around 3 weeks old. Debbie was real support in these early days and was a very reassuring presence. Debbie identified a feeding and sleeping pattern for our son. She ensured we south the right help for our son's tongue tie and reflux. She is very kind and caring. I was really appreciative of her guidance and encouragement and ability to answer so many of the questions I had.  She is clearly passionate about helping new mums and babies. Id highly recommend Debbie to any new family"

"Debbie has been looking after our triplets for just over a year. Ever since the first interview, we knew Debbie would be right fit not only for us but also for our boys. She relished taking on the challenge of looking after triplets and was absolutely excellent at it. Debbie started working with us since the boys were only few weeks old, she immediately understood our routines and was able to seamlessly fit in. She has offered us great us great advice on how we can improve certain things specifically fit in. She has offered us great advice on how we can improve certain things specifically related to the boys sleep and the many challenges we have faced with reflux and colic. Her advice has always been great, very knowledgeable and without being in a pushy always letting us still make the decisions with all the information. Debbie is great at keeping us informed on the boys progress each night and a recap of all the issues. Debbie has understood the boys needs and always been ready to deal with all challenges. she has been very reliable and never let us down even in a number of emergency situations. Debbie is a great multitasker, extremely important with multiples as different babies will have different needs at different times and Debbie is always prepared for any eventuality. She can easily cope with multiples on her own throughout the night without waking us up unless there is something very serious. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone with multiples as she is fantastic. The boys are now a year old and we still see Debbie regularly. We have always felt totally at ease and in good hands with Debbie in our house. She feels like part of the family now."

Olivia J
"Well, what can we say, Debbie has been an absolute pleasure through every step of this new parent journey. She was a lifesaver in every sense of the word ( when I had to go back into hospital on day 3 post birth I never worried for a second about our baby) supporting us through the most challenging but wonderful weeks of out lives. She has taught us everything we could have hoped for, setting us up for success after she left and has already got out baby into a routine. Debbie has also cred for us, cooking and cleaning but most importantly ensuring that my C-section recovery has been as seamless as possible despite many complications. She gentle and caring with our baby Frida who loves her. My only regret is that we didn't book her for longer!" 

"We were lucky enough to find Debbie when our daughter was 3 weeks old. Initially, we were looking for a maternity nurse to help with gentle sleep training but it soon became apparent that Debbie was able to offer so much more. Debbie is gentle, warm and friendly, with soft manners, and naturally has a maternal instinct.  Debbie is flexible and happy to be parent/baby led which was perfect for us as we did not want a strict routine (Ala Gina Ford). We worked with Debbie for 5 months and found her to be reliable and professional. We would be confident to recommend Debbie to families and parents."

Alexandra C
" Debbie is an exceptional maternity nurse. She helped us with our first baby girl who was born prematurely by five weeks. Debbie managed to arrange her schedule so that she was with us a few days after bringing the baby home. She was patient, empathetic and thoughtful in teaching us how to take care of our babies and how to manage ourselves as new parents. She especially took care of me, cooking me, cooking for me all sorts of delicious and nutritious foods to help with my milk supply, which was a challenge. She introduced us to experts when we needed to and made sure by the end of her three months with us we were confident to care for our baby in all respects. I would highly recommend her as a maternity nurse."

"Debbie has supported me with both my babies who are now 2 years old and 10 months. Her role in my family has been integral to helping me become a better, calmer mother to my two babies. She is the main reason I have been able to continue with my career. 
-Empathy and awareness of her surroundings: Debbie has become part of not just my immediate family but has become a good friend and confidant for my mum and mother-in-law and extended family.
-Breastfeeding & nursing: from very early on Debbie gave me the confidence to continue breastfeeding. Her advice and support in this area have been truly valuable. 
-Sleep training and advice: My son is now 2 and sleeps 12 hours a night and my daughter who is 10 months is also sleeping well throughout the night. I can only thank Debbie for the support she has given us to ensure that the babies ( and myself) get a good night's rest. Debbie is just a godsend in that I was able to rest and enjoy those early motherly moments fully.
-Feeding: Debbie loves to bake! So she has made my son's birthday cake and has been invited to every birthday of the babies in our family. She has supported me in the weaning of both my babies offering advice and tips on what food and how to prepare it for the babies.
-Routine and development: I continuously seek Debbies advice on managing routine with the babies and she supports me in their development.
-Play area: Debbie has an exceptional creative talent and has organised the kid's playroom and bedrooms with simple ideas. She has created a reading corner, arts and crafts corner and lots of other fun playtime activities with the babies.
-Reflux: Debbie is very experienced in looking after babies suffering from reflux.
I am sure there is much more I could tell you about Debbie but the truth will come from my babies who absolutely love having Debbie around. She brings a smile to everyone's faces."     

"We would highly recommend Debbie to any parent. As new parents we were very nervous about choosing someone to help us with our son and we even cancelled Debbie last minute on her first planned visit! She was patient and understanding and gave us all the time we needed to feel completely confident and we have never looked back. She is both caring and professional and our son thrives in her care. She has helped us to better understand his developmental needs and stages, guided us through weaning and allowed us to become better parents. She is also charming, informed and puts you at ease whether she is looking after our son day or night. We are delighted to have found her!" 

"Being first-time parents, we felt quite overwhelmed coming back from the hospital with our little boy. Debbie made the entire thing so much easier, offering much needed support and guidance without taking over. I really struggled with breastfeeding at the start, and without Debbie, I'm not sure I would have been able to continue. She is extremely easy to talk to, and genuinely felt like a member of the family whenever she came around. She would only get involved as much as we needed or asked her to and she always made herself available on the phone for all our questions. She offered invaluable advice on routines and how to deal with a colicky baby. We do not know how we would have coped without her in those first few months!" 

Lauren R
"Debbie helped me with my first baby and after 6 weeks of her incredible baby whispering, we've asked her to come back in December full time. I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her and frankly how anyone have a new baby without a Debbie in their lives. I was so anxious and experienced post-natal depression which Debbie quickly picked up on. My daughter also has silent reflux and a cow's milk protein allergy which was also immediately diagnosed and managed by Debbie brilliantly when my nurse couldn't take it. Debbie also went above and beyond for my family and I whom all loved her. She even helped my sister who had problems breastfeeding for several hours one day and then continued to follow up with her to make sure she was ok. We loved Debbie and feel like she was part of our family. I learnt so much as a new mother and also was afforded the rest I needed after birth. I almost selfishly don't want to recommend her just in case she isn't available for our next baby!! However, every new mum would be incredibly lucky to have her in their life and I couldn't recommend her any more highly. She is a joy to work and learn with and we will never forget our time with the amazing Debbie."

Camila R
"Debbie was with us for 4 weeks and from the moment she arrived, she made adjusting to a new life as a family of 4 much easier. Debbie is  incredibly hard working and was absolutely wonderful with our newborn, giving advise and guidance where required. She was also extremely patient and kind to our toddler who struck up a great relationship with her, he continuously ask 'where Debbie gone'?!
I had to go into hospital a few times, Debbie accompanied me with my newborn and looked after him whilst I was having procedure, it was such a relief knowing he was in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgeable about diet & nutrition and immediately on arrival with us set about making sure I was eating the correct things to help with breast feeding and taking the right supplement following my hospital suits. Debbie is absolutely lovely, easy to chat to and get along with and fitted in at home like she was part of the family, she is sorely missed! I have no hesitation in recommending her to others either be it a first child or subsequent children" 

" Debbie supported my husband and me for the month following the birth of our first child in April 2017. She arrived at our home less than 24 hours after we came home from the hospital and provided invaluable support over the next 4 weeks. Debbie helped us set up positive and sustainable routines with our son and really set up well for weeks ahead. She helped with everything from establishing breastfeeding to cooking meals, organising the nursery, and teaching us how to bathe the baby. Debbie was amazing at supporting us logistically but also emotionally through a difficult time. She had a pragmatic approach to breastfeeding and medical issues for both myself and the baby. It's hard to believe we've only known Debbie for a matter of weeks as her warm and caring manner made us feel like she was a member of the family. I would recommend Debbie as a maternity nurse without hesitation. She made our first few weeks as a family much smoother and we look forward to working with her again as our son grows."

"Debbie is an extremely experienced carer of young babies and immediately put my mind at rest. Debbie is very knowledgeable and incredibly supportive and carries herself very professional whilst comforting and caring for the whole family during this new chapter in our lives"  

Jeanne B
"Deborah came to when our second daughter was 6 months and I cannot emphasise enough the extent of her positive impact- not just on the baby but the wider household. She arrived as things were a bit fractious to say the least and she left behind her a much more harmonious and cohesive setup-and a sleeping baby!! We are still reaping the benefits of her influence and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. She used her skill and considerable intellect and intuition to look at the role picture in order to find out exactly how to best improve our household. In many ways she looked after the wellbeing of the whole family unit and was very clever in deciphering what we needed."

"Debbie came to us for a fortnight to assist with our second child in May 2020 and was an incredible help. I had initially re-booked my previous maternity nurse who had to pull out at relatively short notice and I was delighted that Debbie could squeeze us into her diary. I found Debbie to be incredibly knowledgeable and she had a lovely manner with our son, who I trusted her with entirely. Not only was she kind and compassionate with him, but she was very supportive of me. I hadn't been expecting to breastfeed after my previous difficult experience but Debbie's knowledge and encouragement hugely helped me in establishing breastfeeding. She helped me identify a tongue the and worked tirelessly on trying to improve his latch. She took time to listen to my concerns and chat through my thoughts. Debbie was also very happy to pitch in around the house, which was hugely appreciated. She entertained our toddler where necessary, cooked dinners for us and helped with laundry etc. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Debbie."  

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to recommend Debbie Creba for the position of maternity nurse. I recently employed Debbie to assist me following my C-section, as I already have a 3-year-old, and my husband  was unfortunately unable to take any time off work following the birth. Debbie was absolutely fantastic in every respect. She was incredibly supportive and encouraging in assisting me with breast feeding. She was brilliant when it came to

helping our son adjust to suddenly having a little sister. She is very intuitive, and she always has a solution to any problem that might arise. She fitted seamlessly into the family, and I can genuinely say I missed not having her around when she was gone. If I ever have another child, unlikely as this is at my age, I will definitely be calling on her services again! I would be more than happy for you to phone or email me should you require any additional information"

"Debbie had been very highly recommended to us as she had previously looked after babies in our extended family. She provided 24-hour support for us when our son was 4 weeks old and she was an incredible help. Her experience and knowledge are vast, and she was able to support us as we adjusted to life with a newborn baby. We really appreciated that she took the time to understand our preferences (for example regarding feeding) and provided help and advice accordingly; she never once tried to enforce any practices on us. It felt like having another member of the family in our home whilst she was here, nothing was ever too much trouble and she encouraged us both to get some much-needed rest while she was looking after our son. We are extremely grateful for all of her help to date and will certainly keep in touch – thank you so much, Debbie!"

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