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Our Packages 

The maternity Package 

(In home Support)

As a maternity nurse, I am able to support you in your own home from the time you leave the hospital with your baby until settled into a routine. It's my aim to make your transition to parenthood and beyond as smooth as possible. Empowering you with as much knowledge, guidance and encouragement as you will need for your parenting journey.


Parents can book me as a 24-hour live-in maternity nurse for just a few days working 24/3, 24/4, and 24/5, to help you adjust to life at home with a newborn, varying up to 4 to 6 weeks. Every contract is tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.

A maternity nurse's duties include:

  • Making sure that your baby is effectively feeding and sleeping

  • Providing guidance and information with infant feeding, whether breast, formula or mixed feeding

  • Monitoring the baby's weight gain, growth and sleeping patterns

  • Practical help with the care of your baby (feeding, winding, nappy changing, settling to sleep)

  • Helping to involve older siblings

  • Listening and encouragement for both parents with respect to the care of the baby 

  • Accompanying parents to hospital, and GP appointments

  • Responsible for nursery duties, sterilising bottles and equipment, keeping the nursery tidy and clean

  • Weaning advice

  • Reflux and Colic advise

  • Supporting the mother to get rest. The maternity nurse will either feed the newborn or take the newborn to the mother to feed it. 

  • supporting distressed parents, depressed mothers

  • maternity nurses are not required to care for older siblings or complete domestic chores

  • a maternity nurse is on call 24 hours a day but they do need some sleep and therefore will take a 4-hour break per day, to catch up on sleep or to have some downtime.

  • Maternity nurses are self-employed and are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance contributions. we set our own rates of pay depending on our experience. My fees reflect my experience, qualifications and training.


24 hour fees £400 single baby 
24 hour fees £450 Twins 
Hourly Fee £25
Plus Travel expenses 

Antenatal Classes
Reigate, Redhill, Horley and Crawley or One to One in your own home

Birth & Beyond- for first time parents 


A relaxed and friendly, informative four-session course to guide you through the first stages of your individual journeys.
You'll get all the latest stats-based research, as well as lived parent and professional experience presented and discussed with you in an honest and unbiased forum.

Session 1 
Staying Healthy, Labour & Birth 2 hours
Session 2 
Labour & Birth 2 hours 

Session 3 
Taking your baby home 2.5 hours 

Session 4 
Feeding and Sleeping 2.5 hours 

Post-partum Support group session  


For course dates and details contact me on 

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The maternity Package 

(Remote Support)

As a maternity nurse, I am able to support you remotely from the time you leave the hospital. It's my aim to make your transition to parenthood & beyond as smooth as possible, empowering you with knowledge, guidance & encouragement. I am able to walk through with you remotely all the knows-hows on caring for your newborn which includes;

  • Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding support 

  • Health & hygiene of baby ( bathing, top & tail demo)

  • Reflux & colic advice ( responsive feeding )

  • Sleep and feeding cues 

  • Sleep & settling 

  • Recipes for mum ( nutrition while feeding)

  • Safe Sleep advice ( The lullaby Trust )

1 hour phone consultation


7 days follow up phone support 


Weaning Support 
( Remote )

Ideal for families who are 1st time parents and would like all the advice on where to start, the equipment you will and won't need. How to feed your baby and when, and how to drop feeds in relation to weaning.

45 minutes phone call

Post Partum Support
As a society, we fall short in recognising that with every newborn baby comes a newborn mother and she is just as sensitive as the new baby. The postpartum stage is a major transitional phase, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I believe that there are 4 stages to postnatal recovery. We will discuss:

1. Rest -64% of new mothers are affected by fatigue during the postpartum period, making it the most common problem that women face as she adapts to motherhood' (Bad et al, 2017)We will discuss preparing to rest before the birth as well as resting and recovering after the birth.  

2. Nutrition-Birthing and feeding a baby depletes a mother's nutrients. We will discuss how certain foods will promote healing and restore energy. As well as the importance of having a well-balanced diet. 

3. Social Support -There is lots of conflicting advice in the marketplace, or from friends and family that can make you feel overwhelmed, inadequate or confused but I am here to guide you with gentle support on your parenting journey. Helping you create a warm, calm and happy environment for your family "We don't have to do it all alone, we were never meant to" 

4. Physical wellbeing- Self-care emotionally and physically is so important. We will discuss how to make time for yourself with massage, periods of rest and exercise to help you recover well.

45 minutes phone call

Sleep Advice 

Ideal for families who just need sleep advice and support but no in home after care support

45 minutes call
no follow up support 

Full sleep Package 

This package encompasses everything you will need to know about sleep and includes a personalised sleep plan. We will discuss the science of sleep cycles a and how to create the perfect sleep environment. Practical advice on sleep clues, settling at night and day and gentile sleep techniques to suit your family.

60 minute consultation  
Personalised p
7 days unlimited follow up support

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