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Does exposure to magnets or magnetic fields cause people harm?

Not at all. We have done extensive research on this topic, and according to the WHO (World Health Organization), any exposure to static magnets have not been proven to have any negative effects on humans. If you’d like to find out more, email us more information or any concerns regarding the safety of the magnets.

Will the Magnetic Munchkin Product save me time?

Absolutely! This is why we love our products so much! We have been completely converted into using magnetic fastened clothing on our little one. The convenience of the magnetic fasteners save you time that would be spent dressing your baby, when you could be spending this valuable time playing, feeding or napping with your baby.

Do the products contain lead?

No, our products do not contain lead.

Can my child accidentally swallow the magnets?

Our magnetic fasteners are enclosed in safety pouches that have been meticulously sewn into the garments making the magnets beyond the reach of infants. The closures are stitched between multiple layers of material and this would take some significant effort for the magnet to be removed or exposed. Should the item of clothing tear or rip and the magnet become exposed, immediately discontinue use of the product. Tip: inspect the garment occasionally to ensure safety and coverage of the magnet.

What about pacemakers? I heard magnets can interfere with them?

Keep all of our products away from pacemakers. The magnets in our garments may interfere with the proper function of pacemakers and other sensitive electronics.

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